Club Aircraft

The club currently owns five aircraft, a 235 Pawnee, three gliders and a light sport aircraft. The gliding operations revolve around the 235 Pawnee which is well maintained and very reliable. A twin Astir is used for all glider pilot training, a self launching two seat Janus, and Pegase make up the glider fleet.

The club has a Jabiru J230D LSA RA training. The J230 aircraft has been fitted out for aerotowing as well as training, however with the introduction of the Pawnee into the fleet the Jabiru is mainly used for general flying. Over its long history the club has owned many gliders; beginning with the T31 as its first glider in 1963. The aircraft have over time progressed from tube and fabric, through metal to fibre glass and composite materials.

The club also houses private aircraft for members and currently has an RV6, Texan 7060, J170, and ASG 29E in its hangars.