Driving to the Club

The Club is based on Horsham Aerodrome off Geodetic Road. The Aerodrome is 5 km NW of Horsham. To get to the club take the Western Highway to Adelaide and turn off at the railway crossing 2 km out of town, then follow the signs to the aerodrome. The club hangar and rooms back on to Geodetic Road. A large sign facing the road and another facing the car park next to the hangar are easily seen from the road.

Horsham is a city of approximately16,000 people situated midway between Melbourne and Adelaide on the main interstate highway. the travel time from Melbourne to Horsham is 3 hours and Adelaide about 4.5 hours. Horsham is positioned at the centre of the western Victoria. Mildura and the Murray River is only 300 kilo meters (3 hours) to the North and the coast at Warrnambool and Port Fairy about 250 kilo meters to the South.

The club is situated on the vast flatlands of the Wimmera Cropping Plains north of the Grampians Mountain Range. Excellent thermal soaring is encountered in the western, northern, and eastern plains areas, accessing the South Australian and New South Wales borders and east toward and beyond  Shepperton.

Wave flying can be encountered by flying south from Horsham into the Grampians Region some 40 Km away where 6000m (20,000 + feet ) flights have been recorded.