20m 2-Seat Nationals – UPDATE

Horsham Flying Club have withdrawn our offer to run the 2020 Two Seat Nationals.

We took this project on in the belief that a National Championship should not be at a fixed location but should move around the country to allow a wider range of pilots to compete.

In the event, interest from new entrants has been minimal and participation by previous entrants has been understandably reduced. As of early January we have four live entrants so the probability of a valid comp is low. Even in the event that we were to scrounge up eight or nine entrants to make a competition the club considers that this would not provide sufficient return for the effort expended and we choose not to continue.

Hopefully NCC will be able to undertake some background work to determine the demand for a true Two Seat Nationals, rather than the present competition which is more a regional comp. We can provide a top class site and competition organisation but depend on the pool of pilots
interested in competing for the title.