Light Sport Aircraft

Flight training for light sport aircraft pilots is provided by RAAus endorsed instructors. Horsham Flying Club is fortunate in having the services of ‘Airwego’ a flight training organization based on Horsham Aerodrome.

It should be noted by prospective trainee pilots that you must be a member of the Horsham Flying Club to receive flight instruction in the clubs Jabiru light sport aircraft. You do not have to be a club member to receive a trial instructional flight in the club aircraft.

General Requirements for obtaining an RAAus Pilot Certificate
You must be a member of Recreational Aircraft Australia to fly any Ultralight or light sport aircraft. Membership of the RAAus costs $275.00 per year as an adult and $189 for under 18 (plus a $25 joining fee), includes a monthly magazine, Student Pilot Certificate and a copy of the RAAus Operations Manual.

Join the RAA

Medical Requirements
You must meet the health and fitness requirements to maintain a driver’s license in Australia. If you are in doubt regarding you health, we recommend you seek the advice of an Aviation Medical Examiner

Age Requirements
The minimum age to learn is 15 years. There is no maximum age. Students under the age of 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

Hours Required for a RAAus Pilot Certificate
Student without previous flying experience
MINIMUM of 20 hours for Restricted Pilot Certificate. A further 10 hours is required for a Cross-Country Endorsement .
Student with existing flying experience
5 Hours minimum for General Aviation to Ultralight conversion. 5 Hours minimum for Gliding Certificate to Ultralight conversion.

Contact and basic details for ‘Airwego’
Airwego is a Horsham based company which began operating at Horsham Aerodrome in 2006. Airwego’s Chief Flying Instructor is Peter Weissenfeld.

To arrange a Trial Instructional Flight or ongoing flight training contact Peter Weissenfeld on 0419 137 129. A Trial Instructional Flight in the club’s Jabiru J230 will cost about $125.00.

Airwego charges $225.00 per hour for training in the clubs Jabiru.

Non-Training solo flights in the clubs Jabiru are at club rates – currently $150 per hour tacho time.