Trial Instructional Flights

Trial Instructional Flights

Ever wondered what its like to fly? Well, why not have a Trial Instructional Flight in a Glider or a Light Sport Aircraft and see for yourself. If you’ve ever dreamed of a flight in either a glider or light sport aircraft, then let us help you make that dream a reality.


A trial instructional flight in a glider with one of our GFA qualified Instructors will cost around $180.00 and includes GFA introductory membership. A flight will be for a duration of up to 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions, your flight will include some ‘hands on’ flying to show you how easy it is to fly a glider. So why not experience the thrill of silent flight from the front seat of our spacious ‘Twin Astir’ and take in a whole new way of seeing the world.

A Trial Instructional Flight that incorporates aerobatics is also available at a cost of $250.00.

To arrange a trial instructional flight in a glider contact Peter Weissenfeld on 0419 137 129.

Light Sport Aircraft

If you would like a trial instructional flight in the clubs Jabiru J230 we can arrange for Peter Weissenfeld to introduce you to the joy of powered flight for as little as $140.00. ‘Airwego’ provides instruction for prospective light sport aircraft pilots at Horsham Aerodrome. You can also make your own arrangements by contacting Peter directly. Peter can be contacted via his mobile phone on 0419 137 129.